The Role of a Project Coordinator in Construction

From Blueprint to Reality - The Role of a Project Coordinator in Construction FBR Recruitment

From Blueprint to Reality – The Role of a Project Coordinator in Construction

The role of a project coordinator in construction is filled with challenges and a variety of tasks you will need to undertake. The project coordinator is just one of the many cogs in the wheel of construction projects. 

Can’t quite see yourself as the project manager just yet, but would rather dip your toes in the concrete first? Becoming a project coordinator might be the role you are looking for. If you’re ready to balance between hammers and hard hats, paperwork and project timelines, a project coordinator role fits the bill. So let’s look at this diverse and dynamic role in more detail. 


What does a project coordinator do?

While the project manager often gets the attention, project coordinators in the construction world are the unsung heroes. They juggle a myriad of responsibilities and tasks, making sure the whole aspect of a construction project is running smoothly and according to the timeline.

As a project coordinator, you will be in charge of the project schedules. You will be making sure milestones are met and delays are minimised. It’s essential that you master the art of document control, becoming a librarian for meeting minutes, invoices, contracts, and more. 

Not only will you be in charge of these documentation processes. But you will also be the liaison officer, ensuring everyone from the site manager to suppliers, is on the same page.

That sounds like a lot of important tasks because it is. A project coordinator is no cushty desk job with a simple task list. So if you’re still interested, brace yourself, there’s more. 

Another part of being a project coordinator is that you also need to step into the shoes of a financial whizz. Tracking project costs and keeping the budget in check. While doing all of this it will be important for you to keep track of safety and ensure that all regulations are followed and completed by relevant team members. 

A project coordinator does everything necessary to keep the project running. It’s the stepping stone to becoming a project manager.


What qualifications do you need to have to be a project coordinator?

There are many different skills and qualifications you may need or want if you are looking to become a project coordinator. If you have a knack for problem-solving? Love a spreadsheet? Then we can tell you that you’re already halfway there. 


When it comes to qualifications most employers require a bachelor’s degree in construction management, civil engineering, or a related field. You can obtain this type of qualification at college or university, or there may be apprenticeship schemes you should consider.


However, like any role, it’s not just about having the right paper credentials. You’ll need to show you’ve got the soft skills to match, this is the term used to specify skills that aren’t gained in traditional learning settings. Soft skills like excellent communication, organisation, and time management are crucial. Not forgetting the ability to stay calm under pressure. Construction projects, as we know, can be full of challenges that you will need to overcome effectively.

Salary expectations of a project coordinator

Like all roles and industries, salary expectations can vary depending on experience, location, and qualifications. 

The typical starting salary for a project coordinator is around £30k per annum. However, with experience or the right location you could expect up to £45.5k + per annum. Working with a recruitment agent will ensure you obtain the best possible salary that meets your expectations. As well as meeting industry standards. 

Interview preparation for a project coordinator

So, you’ve got that interview and you’re doing some research into interview questions. We have several blogs on interview questions and interview prep. However, here are some good ones to consider using in an interview for a project coordinator role:


  • “What’s a common challenge a project coordinator faces in your company, and how would it be handled effectively?”
  • “How does the company ensure effective communication between different teams or departments?”
  • “Can you share some ways the company prioritises safety in its projects?”
  • “What would a typical day for a project coordinator look like at your company?”
  • “How does the company support the professional growth and development of a project coordinator?”


A project coordinator is essential for all construction projects. From juggling tasks, and running the show behind the scenes, to potentially earning a pretty penny, it’s certainly a complex and diverse role. If you’re up for a challenge and love to see a plan come together, this could be the perfect job for you.


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