How many women work in construction?

How many women work in construction?
With International Women’s Day looming near we thought we’d look into the women in construction. There are many debates that surround equal opportunity and gender pay gaps.

It is important to keep these in mind when recruiting, which is why here at FBR we look at skills and compatibility over anything else. It is important to find employers the right person for the job, no matter the gender. This applies to securing salaries, our team understands the construction industry as well as the salary for each role.

Traditionally construction has been a male dominated industry for many years. As the world evolves, and with it so does the job market.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we look at all the fantastic women who work in construction. It’s a fast paced industry and not for the faint of heart.

How many women work in construction?

Women currently account for a total of 16.2% of total construction roles. While this number is low, it is showing signs of improvement over the years.

This figure includes roles that are predominantly administrative, and secretarial. According to the ONS, only 1% of this total is in relation to roles such as bricklaying, carpenters, electricians, and other manual skilled workers.

History time; many businesses seem to forget that during WW2 many roles were fulfilled by women while men were being conscripted into the army.

Why have women traditionally chosen other careers instead of construction?

Everyone’s job is a choice. We all have different factors that we take into consideration when looking for a job. Women traditionally were excluded from the workforce in many construction roles. So it was never the case that they chose other careers, simply put society chose the roles for them.

However, that is not the case in our modern day society. As the job market continues to evolve it offers up opportunities for people of all walks of life. This provides businesses with a diverse workforce and talents.

How can construction jobs become more accessible?

Construction jobs are far more accessible than they have ever been. With technology changing the landscape of construction roles it can only be believed that it will continue to make these roles more accessible.

The pandemic sped up many aspects of working environments. It has been found that many people prefer a hybrid work solution. As such construction roles which rely on paperwork and admin processes may be able to accommodate; by offering people the option to do admin at home while attending on site for other requirements.

Here at FBR we look at matching skills and people with the right job. This way businesses get the best talent, and employees remain happy in their roles.

Our skilled recruitment agents are on hand to help businesses find the right employee. As well as matching new candidates with dream roles. From new placements to taking the next career step, our team is on hand to help.

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