Questions you will be asked during an interview for a construction role

there are many different types of questions you will be asked during an interview

There are only so many ways to prepare for an interview. Knowing what questions you will be asked during an interview for a construction role is one of them. While we can’t predict what a potential employer will ask you, we do have a few common questions that you can prepare for.

At the end of the day, make sure you answer the questions as best you can and just be yourself. The right company is out there and everyone can find the best job to suit them. Let’s look at the different types of questions you will be asked during your interview for a construction role. 

Opening questions in an interview for a construction role

Like all interviews, there will be a few basic questions that a potential employer will ask you. It’s always best to prepare for as many different types of questions as possible, however, each interview is different and some interviewers may throw out a curve ball. 

Tell me about yourself

The one question that everyone dreads but is probably the most common question employers will ask. For whatever reason this question is always asked during an interview so it’s best to prepare for it. 

What experience do you have

If a potential employer has read your CV then they should already know, however, a CV has been carefully curated. So asking directly what experience you have provides the interviewer with details you may have missed out or you can expand upon your CV. 

What specific qualifications do you have

Again, while these may be listed on your CV it can give you the chance to expand in your qualifications. Think of ways you can include additional qualifications and how those provide transferable skills. Always look for ways to improve and expand on your CV, show them your personality while you do this.

Further questions you will be asked during a construction role interview

Interviews aren’t always so prescriptive. You will be asked many questions in particular about past projects you have worked on. If you have yet to gain experience in the construction industry, don’t worry about it too much. Look for projects you have done that can provide the interviewer with an insight into your work ethic and any crossover skills you have. 

Tell us about a favourite project

Prepare the details of your most favourite project to have worked on. Think about why it was your favourite, perhaps it was a prestigious project or the results had a positive impact for the customer. Whatever your reasoning, think about projects you’ve worked on and your involvement in them. 

What has been a difficult project you’ve worked on? 

Don’t be worried about being asked about difficult projects. A difficult project doesn’t have to be one that went wrong from start to finish, but could be a project that provided many barriers you had to overcome. This is a great question for you to showcase your critical thinking skills as you explain the barriers and difficulties and the decisions you made to complete the project. 

Explain how you have overcome problems during a project or task

This question isn’t supposed to trap you or trick you into thinking you aren’t equipped for the job. Knowing how you have overcome problems and how you deal with them is key for many industries. After all, nothing ever goes as planned and knowing you are capable of problem solving is a desired skill for many employers. 

Ultimately there are many different types of questions you will be asked during an interview. Each company will tailor their interview questions to suit the specific job role they are recruiting for. The key is to know your own skills and prepare yourself. That is the key to successful interviews. 

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