What construction jobs are there?

different types of construction jobs

The construction industry is huge and contains many different types of jobs. As recruiters in the construction industry, we often find ourselves being asked by candidates “What construction jobs are there?” 

The interesting answer to this question is simple; all types of construction jobs. A construction company requires many different types of skills and people to keep the company running smoothly. 

Construction jobs aren’t just limited to labourers and on-site construction workers. There are many other different types of construction roles that need to be filled. Let’s look at the different types of construction jobs that are available for those who are interested in working in construction. 

Office based construction jobs

While the most common jobs relating to construction are onsite roles, there are also office based roles directly related to construction work. For the sake of simplicity, we will not cover more standard roles such as HR and accounts; while a construction company may require those roles, they aren’t directly involved in construction work. 

CAD designer 

CAD designers or often referred to as CAD draughtsman are responsible for creating the outlines and blueprints of a project. They will be required to go onsite to collect the relevant data and information they need to complete their drawings and outlines. However, once the information is collected they will need access to specific software to create the plans. 

Contracts manager

Contract managers are required to organise and prepare contracts for work to be carried out. This can be from organising the contract for additional labour, hiring required equipment, and more. They will ensure that each contract is carried out as smoothly as possible as well as chase up any enquiries relating to a project. They will work closely with the project manager and help with any additional tasks the project manager needs. 

On site construction jobs

On site construction jobs are probably the most known construction roles. These job roles are essential to the work being carried out and require training as well as additional health and safety qualifications. 


Labourers are an essential role for all construction companies. Without labourers, construction work wouldn’t be carried out on many projects. From building foundations to organising the materials on site, no day is identical. Labourers are integral to construction work.

Site managers 

Site managers are responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly on-site. From organising the construction crew to consulting with the project manager and contracts manager. Site managers keep the construction site organised and working efficiently. 

Hybrid construction job roles

Beyond on-site construction roles and office based construction roles, there are some roles in construction which will be a mix of the two. This means you will spend time on site as well as off site.

Project managers 

Project managers are the definition of hybrid construction roles. Their time is split between being on-site managing the project overall and meeting with the site manager and clients prospectively. 

They also spend part of their time in meetings and in the office discussing and managing further aspects of the project from finances to contracts and more. Project managers ensure that construction projects are run efficiently and smoothly from start to finish at the top level down. 

Understanding each role within the construction industry can help you decide which career path to take. There are a wide range of roles in the construction industry and this blog only covers the most well-known jobs. For more information on jobs within the construction industry view our jobs board.

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