Career switch – transferable skills in construction roles

No matter what age you are there may be times when you wish to switch careers

No matter what age you are there may be times when you wish to switch careers. Many recruiters will tell you that after certain ages this is no longer a possibility. However, we think differently. If you are looking to swap careers there is a way around it which makes it easier to land those interviews. 

Transferable skills are the skills that overlap in many different job roles and industries. Many companies also prefer candidates who have a wide range of skills that can be transferred to their new positions.

Having experience in other industries and job roles is extremely beneficial. You as a potential candidate have knowledge of various industries and how things are done. This brings a whole new perspective to the construction industry and can help construction businesses also improve their service offerings and processes. 

So we all understand the benefits of transferable skills and why a career switch can be done at any age; let’s look at the skills that are highly coveted and transferable when looking for a role in construction.

Communication skills

Working in construction requires high levels of communication skills. Whether you are communicating with fellow team members on how a task is going to be completed; or you are updating a client on the status of a project. 

In all roles, communication skills are essential, if you can highlight the ways you have improved and used communication skills in previous projects and roles on your CV then do it.

Project management skills

When looking at swapping careers in the construction industry look at any projects you have been a part of. It’s no surprise that construction companies are heavily project based and as such, showing that you have experience managing projects and executing them according to the brief is extremely beneficial. 

Highlight the intricacies of the project that you were a part of and make sure to leave no detail out. Projects come in all shapes and sizes and for construction projects, this is no different. 

People skills

Another important transferable skill for the construction industry is people skills. No matter your role, you will be working with people across the board from different backgrounds. Whether that is on the ground as a labourer executing the work, or as a project manager delegating and managing key aspects of the project.

Determination and mental strength

Working in construction means you will potentially be exposed to the wide range of elements the UK has to offer. While if weather makes it unsafe to carry out work you won’t be expected to soldier on. However, come wind, rain, or shine, that construction project has to be completed. 

Construction workers need to be determined to carry on working safely no matter the conditions. As well as the mental strength required to keep going to ensure a project is completed on time. If you have situations where you can provide evidence of these combined skills it can go a long way.

When looking to change careers there are many things you can do to help move the process along. Work with a dedicated team who specialises in the construction industry to help guide you to the best role suitable for you.

Our team at FBR are experienced in working with construction companies and understands the requirements for each industry role. Our recruiters are on hand to help you find your dream job and help position you in front of the best companies to provide just that. Contact us today.