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Will the demand for quantity surveying rise or die in 2025?

Demand for quantity surveying can change and evolve year on year. As the construction industry changes so too will the landscape of quantity surveying. The role of a quantity surveyor is essential for many reasons. Quantity surveying is a profession that assists in the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction phases of a building project. They provide […]

What’s your best advice for first-time construction workers?

Here at FBR, we have many pieces of advice for first time construction workers that we want to share. The construction industry is one of the oldest industries around. Since the beginning of time, there has always been a need for construction workers. While the construction landscape may look different it is still vital and […]

What construction jobs are there?

The construction industry is huge and contains many different types of jobs. As recruiters in the construction industry, we often find ourselves being asked by candidates “What construction jobs are there?”  The interesting answer to this question is simple; all types of construction jobs. A construction company requires many different types of skills and people […]

How do recruitment agencies work?

Recruitment agencies work in various different ways. The ultimate goal of a recruitment agency is to match the right talent with the right job role and company. Call us corporate matchmakers if you will.  The way that recruitment agencies make their money can be different, some recruiters work on a flat fee if the candidate […]

Is construction a good career path? Why or why not?

As each industry evolves with society and technology, one common theme that is asked of us as recruiters is whether or not construction is a good career path. This question expands across all industries, but since we are heavily focused on construction recruitment let’s look at this in more detail. Construction as an industry is […]